Friday, March 5, 2021

Picnic Proposal

Picnic proposal! Zhi-en got down on one knee amongst a green field of grass, with a beautiful bespoke rose gold labgrown diamond proposal ring and asked for her hand.
Congratulations to you, Zhi-en, may your life together be filled with a garden of love, rays of humour, bouquets of romance, and continuous fertilization with understanding.

Beach Proposal

Beach proposal! Enjoy the waves, sea breeze at the beach with a beautiful timeless BA.SG diamond proposal ring.


Congratulations to you, Jia Qi, may your love shines brighter, and your companionship grows richer with each passing day.


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Zip-line proposal

Feel the wind, touch the sky, and propose with a customizable BA.SG diamond engagement ring with enchanting sunlight reflections mounted in a petite rose gold band with pink sapphire and diamond on the sides.


Congratulations to you, Glen & Alyssa, wishing this be the start of a timeless and wonderful journey.


#proposal #engagementring #diamondring #labgrowndiamond Labgrown Oval-cut Diamond Proposal Ring

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